Amsterdam & Zutphen

Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival 2019

Concerts, Lecture, MasterClass

12. August 2019: Lecture – Romantic Salon Music: Some Aspects of its Origins (Sixth International Geelvinck Fortepiano Symposium)

13. August: MasterClass at Muziek Museum Zutphen

16. August 2019: Muziek Museum Zutphen – Recital “Hidden Soundscapes” (D. Scarlatti, J. L. Dussek & Beethoven)
Fortepinos: Matthaeus Heilmann (Mainz 1785) and Conrad Graf (Vienna 1836)

17. August 2019: Luther Museum Amsterdam – Recital “Hidden Soundscapes”
Fortepinos: Johann Zahler (Brno 1805) and Johann August Tischner (St.Petersburg 1828)


“…the concert last night in the music museum Zutphen (NL), where people listened breathlessly, what a musician, really one of the best! Hrvoje Jugovic, is…a pianovirtuoso of the highest level…. He showed us with a few examples that Dussek was far ahead of his time….Beethoven’s Waldstein sonata…Very impressive, in a nice way! Subtle, grumpy, dolce, angry etcetera. Words can not expres the huge impact listening to a great pianist like Jugovic had on us human beings. Tonight August 17 he can be heard in the Luther Museum in Amsterdam…” Text: JvhF (ar), Geelvinck Muziek Musea, facebook, 2019

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